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The Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario

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Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario   

Extended Warranty Update

The UCDA regularly updates the list of extended warranty companies that have satisfied the UCDA that their warranties are fully insured by a licensed Ontario insurer.

Each of the companies listed below have provided the UCDA with a copy of its insurance agreement, along with a written undertaking by the insurer to notify the UCDA in the event that the coverage is cancelled or changes are made. The UCDA asks the recognized warranty companies to have insurers provide annual updates to us, confirming that insurance remains in place.

Verified Insured Warranty Companies

After receiving updates from insurers, here is the current alphabetical list of warranty companies, updated on February 11, 2020, that have met our requirements for insurance recognition.

  • Assurant Vehicle Protection Services 1-800-387-0119 (formerly Coast to Coast)
  • Canada General Warranty Inc. 1-866-320-8975
  • Cornerstone United Warranty (XtraRide and AutoXtra) 1-800-774-9992
  • Coverage One Warranty 1-866-988-1642
  • D.I.S.C.C. Enterprises Ltd 1-800-663-1303
  • First Canadian Protection 1-800-381-2580
  • Global Warranty 1-800-265-1519
  • Guarantee VC / GVC Premium Warranty Company 1-800-268-3284
  • Lubrico Warranty 1-800-668-3331
  • Nationwide Auto Warranty 1-888-674-8549
  • People‚Äôs Choice Warranty Ltd. 1-888-284-2356
  • Specialty Administrative Services, LLC 1-888-668-4360
  • Sym-Tech i-Select Plus Coverage 1-800-363-5796 (press 2)

The UCDA does not endorse any specific warranty company or product, but strongly recommends that members only offer warranties that are insured by a licensed Ontario insurer.

MVDA Regulations

The Motor Vehicle Dealers Act, 2002 which took effect on January 1, 2010, prohibits dealers from offering third party warranties to their customers unless:

The warranty is insured by a licensed Ontario insurer; or

The warranty company has posted a $500,000 irrevocable letter of credit to the Compensation Fund

OMVIC also lists the companies it recognizes in each of category on its website,

The UCDA considers full insurance coverage to be the best form of protection to adequately shield consumers and dealers in the event that a warranty provider fails to honour its obligations. A letter of credit can quickly be used up, which could then leave the dealer that sold a failed warranty on the hook for consumer claims.

Contact James Hamilton at the UCDA if you’d like more information.