Fast Start Sales Training

The UCDA has been offering this introductory sales course since February, 2014 and it has been very well received! In addition to making the class available to current OMVIC Course students, we also continue to make it available to our members.

This sales training course is a 1-day workshop (specifically for new salespeople). It’s designed to teach you how to approach your customers, negotiate and close the deal and do it all the right way.

Workshop Content:

  • What is selling
  • Understanding the dealership’s internal workings 
  • How to deal with price issues and how important affordability is for consumers today 
  • Following a modern and effective sales process
  • How to qualify a customer and sell a stock unit

Available Dates: 

Monday, July 5
Wednesday, August 11
Wednesday, September 8
Wednesday, October 6
Monday, November 8
Thursday, December 2

To Register:

Call the UCDA at 1-800-268-2598 or 416-231-2600 or e-mail 
The cost for the class is $245/Participant for UCDA members and $325/Participant for non-UCDA members.

Course materials are included. All classes are streamed live using Zoom at this time