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The UCDA (Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario) was founded in 1984 by 7 Ontario dealers as a not-for-profit association. We are managed by an Executive Director and a staff of 18, and our policies and direction  are governed by a 9-person Board of Directors.

The UCDA currently represents almost 5000 Members, spread through more than 500 Ontario communities. We celebrated our 35th anniversary on November 15th, 2019.

Board Of Directors

Steve Peck (President)
Jillran Holdings Inc.

Verne Cole (Vice President)
Collectible Auto Sales

Doug Callowhill (Chair)
Redline Car Sales Inc.

Bart Hartwick
Courtesy Auto Sales

Greg Hannah
Hannah Motors

Mark Campbell
Sales Representative

Scott Davidson
Stop 23 Auto Sales Ltd.

Nasser Rad (Rod Nasser)
Autorama 2000 Inc.

Christy Fines


The UCDA’s mission is to enhance the image of the Used Vehicle Industry through the three pillars of Representation, Education, and Mediation.

Furthermore, the UCDA is committed to protecting the rights and privacy of our Members and consumers. Our Members voluntarily follow a Code of Ethics and we adhere to a strict Privacy Policy.


The UCDA is in regular contact with the many government departments, federal and provincial, that affect dealers.

We maintain a close working relationship with the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations and with OMVIC  (the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council), which manages the industry. In fact, the UCDA underwrote the cost of a number of Canadian Automotive Institute students who worked in the Registrar’s office on curbsiding investigations.

Liaison and coalitions with other automotive industry groups is an important part of helping to ensure that the interests of the used vehicle industry are advanced.

The UCDA, along with CADAAAROCVMAAIAMCAIA and others, have jointly approached  both the federal and provincial government on issues such as:

The media have acknowledged the UCDA’s role as the spokes group for the industry and we are regularly contacted for the industry’s perspective on issues.

The UCDA compiles and disseminates various industry statistics to the media, government and other interested parties. Our data on used vehicle sales and curbsider statistics is frequently requested.


Dealer education has always been of paramount importance to us. It’s one of the most valuable means of creating a fair and honest marketplace for both dealers and consumers.

UCDA Members are kept up-to-date on their rights and responsibilities through meetings, e-bulletins, newsletters, and classes.

We’ve offered an in-class OMVIC Certification Course for new registrants since February of 2014. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, all OMVIC Certification Classes are currently held as online webinars for the health of students and instructors. This 1-day course is offered to both new and currently registered dealers and salespeople. You can write the exam online, after which you will receive the results by email.  This course is one of the six steps required for registering with OMVIC as a licensed salesperson. Visit our page on OMVIC Courses or call 1-800-268-2598 for more details.

If a dealer requests it, our Director of Member Services will gladly visit local dealerships and spend a couple of hours going through dealership processes with both management and staff. These dealer “audits” are a complimentary Member service and have proven invaluable to dealers in terms of adhering to OMVIC’s guidelines, filling out paperwork correctly, and avoiding costly fines. 

Through Wye Management, the UCDA also offers a 1-day Basic Sales Training Course for new sales people. What started as an add-on, extra day to OMVIC course students has grown to include many existing UCDA Members and their staff. This sales course is taught in plain language and guides new sales people in how to approach customers, meet their needs and ultimately, close the sale. This class is offered once per month and also sells-out quickly.

Please contact us for availability of these services under COVID-19 regulations.

We understand that dealers and salespeople are busy and facing restrictions due to the COVID-19 virus. We will continue to look for ways to deliver industry education to our members. Watch for future announcements.


The UCDA offers a free informal mediation facility, started by two highly-qualified lawyers, to consumers and dealers.

It begun as a means by which friction between a consumer and a dealer could be dealt with quickly and freely. The goal of such a programme is to head off potential court proceedings by getting each party to understand their respective rights and responsibilities.

The mediation programme is not restricted to issues dealing with UCDA Members. Any consumer complaint involving a used vehicle transaction is accepted. Often, dealers who were not Members at the time of the mediation joined the Association afterwards. They realized that they could be more effective businesspeople if they familiarized themselves with their rights and responsibilities.

The UCDA has also dealt with a number of cases in which consumers had, unfortunately, purchased a vehicle from a curbsider. We have been able to successfully intervene in many of these cases.

Most mediation is done by telephone and the majority of issues are settled amicably in a matter of hours or days. Often, the problem is simply a lack of communication. The verbal format was chosen because it’s fast and many consumers are much better able to communicate their concerns verbally. It is also less intimidating to them.

The UCDA does not charge for this service. Referrals are regularly received from Automobile Clubs, newspaper ombudsmen, and even the Consumer Ministry.

Our motivation to participate in the mediation process comes from our mission statement… to enhance the image of the used vehicle industry.