Consumer Credit Reports

UCDA Members have direct access, through the UCDA office, to the Equifax Consumer Credit Report service.

This is a fast, fax response service that allows Members to receive a complete Consumer Credit Report in minutes. Enjoy competitively priced reports from North America’s largest consumer reporting companies.

Members have a host of advantages when they use the UCDA service, not the least of which is that they have no extra fees to pay to access the service.

Benefits include:

  • Faxed responses within minutes of sending your request
  • No annual credit bureau fees ($60 or more per year)
  • No set-up fees – Low per search costs and volume discounts
  • No dial-up charges
  • No monthly software charges ($15 to $30 per month)
  • Personalized authorization forms at no charge
  • A FICO score is available at no extra charge