Mediation: Legal Services

UCDA Mediation

The UCDA offers a free informal mediation facility, started by two highly-qualified lawyers, for consumers and dealers.

It began as a means by which friction between a consumer and a dealer could be dealt with swiftly. The goal of this service is to help the parties find their own solutions to the problem.

The Mediation is not restricted to issues dealing with UCDA Members. Any consumer complaint involving a used vehicle transaction with an Ontario dealer is accepted. Often, dealers who were not Members at the time of the mediation joined the Association afterwards. They realized that they could be more effective business people if they familiarized themselves with their rights and responsibilities.

The UCDA has also dealt with a number of cases in which consumers had, unfortunately, purchased a vehicle from a curbsider. We have been able to successfully intervene in many of these cases.

UCDA Mediation is done by telephone, fax and email and the majority of issues are settled amicably in a matter of hours or days. Often, the problem is simply a lack of communication.  Most UCDA Mediations result in a settlement of the dispute.

Referrals are regularly received from Automobile Clubs, ombudsman, media, lawyers, regulators and even government ministries.

The UCDA Mediation Service is consistent with the UCDA mission statement… to enhance the image of the used vehicle industry.