Selling out of province

Thanks to the internet, dealers are selling more and more vehicles to residents of other provinces.

Sometimes, the purchaser will travel to Ontario to buy the vehicle and drive it back home.

It’s also common for a vehicle to be sold without ever meeting the purchaser face to face, with the bill of sale being signed by fax and the vehicle being shipped to the out-of-province purchaser.

The process to transfer the registration of the vehicle will be different in each scenario.

If the purchaser wants to drive the vehicle home, the Dealer should obtain a Special Permit  The purchaser will need to provide proof of insurance in order for the Special Permit to be issued. The Permit goes in the windshield of the vehicle. The vehicle registration permit, in the dealer's name, must be signed on the back by the dealer and the customer drives back to their home province that way.

 Once the Special Permit is issued, the purchaser has ten days to drive the vehicle home and register it in their home province.

If the purchaser is not coming to Ontario, it usually won’t be possible to register the vehicle into the buyer’s name in Ontario. In that case, simply sign off on the Ontario registration permit and send it to the buyer with the vehicle so they can register the vehicle in their home province. Then change the vehicle’s Ontario registration status at the licence office to “SOLD” status.