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The Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario

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Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario   
Bob Beattie in Memoriam
An Overview of the Association

Individually, We Struggle To Be Heard.

Collectively, We Cannot Be Ignored!

  • The UCDA was founded by 7 Ontario dealers and was incorporated as a not-for-profit association. It celebrated its 25th anniversary on November 15, 2009. Managed by an Executive Director and a staff of 16, the policies and direction of the association are governed by a 9 person Board of Directors.  

  • The UCDA currently represents more than 5000 dealer members who are estimated to account for over 70% of the dealers registered in Ontario who actively participate in the Used Vehicle Industry.  

    The geographical distribution of members throughout the province is very evenly balanced and averages 40% to 66% of all registered dealers in the various towns and cities. For example, 38% of all the dealers in Ottawa are UCDA members, 51% in Sudbury, 49% in Toronto and 53% in Pembroke. There are UCDA members in more than 503 Ontario communities. 


The Association's mission is to enhance the image of the Used Vehicle Industry!

  • To that end,



  • are the three pillars on which the association has been built. 

Benefits and Achievements  

Lien Searches and Registrations    


    The UCDA began an easy to access Lien Search service for its members as one of its earliest benefits. Dealers now go on-line, phone or fax their enquiry searches to the UCDA and get an instant response. The service meets our members' needs in that it's fast, it's easy and its user cost is lower than any other method.  

    The UCDA's Lien Search facility has grown to be the largest such search group in the province and accounts for over 20% of all Ministry searches.  


    When the Ministry provided access to electronic registration of liens, the search service was expanded to include this new service. Through the UCDA, members are now able to register PPSA or RSLA liens without leaving their offices.  

Visa & MasterCard Discounts    
  • Because of the Association's size, the UCDA is able to offer merchant discounts that provide some members with savings of more than $100 per month!  

Consumer Credit Reports    
  • UCDA members have direct access, through the UCDA office to Equifax Consumer Credit Report service. 

    This is a fast, fax response service that allows a member to receive a complete Consumer Credit Report in minutes. Competitively priced reports from North America's largest consumer reporting companies.

    Members have a host of advantages when they use the UCDA service, not the least of which is that they have no extra fees to pay to access the service. 

Group Health Plan    
  • The UCDA offers its members an extremely competitive and comprehensive medical plan with one of the country's largest insurers. A significant feature is that the plan is available to all of its members regardless of the size of the dealership. Even one person operations are able to participate. 

Legal Services    
  • The UCDA's Legal Services Department consists of its Director and Manager of Mediation Services. Both are lawyers on UCDA's staff whose services are available to all members. While they cannot represent individual dealers, members can call the UCDA's Help Line for legal advice related to the carrying on of their businesses. There is no charge for this advice. Access to the service is included as part of a dealer's membership. 

    Most dealer problems of a legal nature tend to revolve around contractual disputes with consumers and other dealers, such as mechanical defects, odometer discrepancies, accident damaged or written-off vehicles, etc. Other common concerns include PPSA and RSLA lien registrations on vehicles, and regulatory issues involving dealer registrations under the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act. 

    Because the Legal Services Department deals with these types of matters every day, they can often help settle them, or at least point the member in the right direction, quickly. 

    Their key role is to help members stay out of trouble. In this respect, they serve as educators, in attempting to keep members, both individually and as a group, aware of their rights and responsibilities in a variety of areas. 

    As always, preventing a problem from occurring is preferable to trying to deal with the consequences of one later. 

    The Department also plays the lead role in mediation efforts, outlined earlier, between dealers and consumers and between dealers. Again, the goal, in conjunction with the UCDA's mission, is to help solve disputes amicably, without the need for the parties to resort to litigation. 

Curbsider Programme    
  • The UCDA turned its attention to curbsiders soon after it was formed. Curbsiders, exploiting the financial gains of the underground economy and pretending to be honest private sellers were seen as a dealers worst competitor. 

    In 1986, the UCDA began a computer study of private car ads, modeled on one that was done by the Washington State Independent Auto Dealers Association the year before. It showed the multiple number of cars being offered for sale by supposedly private individuals and the startling results gave some sense of just how big a menace curbsiding had become. 

    Confronted with a doubting media and many people in government, who couldn't see the problem, the UCDA set about making the term "curbsider" a word that everyone could identify. 

    A lot of time, effort and money was invested in proving to all, that curbsiders were injurious to the consumer, the Government and to the industry. 

    One of the most tangible results has been Ontario's introduction of the UVIP programme that requires private sellers to purchase a special consumer protection package. The Used Vehicle Information Package concept was established by the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations and its implementation was led by the Registrar of Motor Vehicle Dealers. 

    While the UVIP initiative won't stop curbsiding, it has already had an impact on curbsiders and, as it matures and refinements are made to the process, it has the potential to reduce curbsiding to a minimum. 

    UCDA members can be pleased that, through the efforts of their Association, together with journalists and Government, the public now know what a curbsider is and they can better protect themselves. 

Membership Recruitment    
  • Since its inception, the UCDA's principal means of attracting new members has been by distributing bulletins to non-members that focus on dealers concerns and UCDA benefits.

    The idea was first suggested by the late Homer Stephens and Ruth Hart Stephens of the Toronto Auto Auction. It was an instant success and the association's growth can be credited in large measure to the strong support of dealer auctions in the province. Today, word-of-mouth contributes greatly to the UCDA's growth and its current membership base of 4300.

Membership Fees ... User Pay Concept  
  • The Association's basic activities are funded by membership fees. 

    Services that are offered to members, directly by the Association, are financed on a break-even basis. Surpluses that develop from a service are returned to the users of the service through discounts for volume usage. 

    Other UCDA parternship programmes pass along all incentives to the subscribing member. Programmes such as Baird MacGregor Garage Insurance and Visa/MasterCard are good examples.


Code of Ethics

The Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario

A trade association of registered used car sales organizations is organized to promote the continued growth and perpetuation of its members through the strengthening of their sales, marketing and management skills; to dramatize to the automotive industry, to customers and suppliers, the advantages to them of doing business through registered used car sales organizations. 

To further these objectives and to bring them within practical reach of its members, the association develops and maintains programs and activities designed to help them conduct their businesses in an ethical, efficient and productive manner. To implement these worthy goals, members of UCDA voluntarily subscribe to a code of ethics which urges them: 

  • To encourage free enterprise and unselfish service to the public and to the industry
  • To strive continually to promote the image of the industry; in the local community and on regional and provincial levels.
  • To make the greatest contribution possible to the safety and welfare of the public in the purchase of the industry's products and services
  • To support all efforts to improve the industry's products and services.
  • To advertise and sell the merits of the industry's products and services; and to refrain from attacking unfairly the products, services or methods of doing business of others.
  • To reveal all material facts and to refrain from the use of misleading advertising or innuendo in advertising and selling, to ensure that products or services are fully understood by the consuming public.
  • To fulfill promptly and completely all contractual obligations; to act on such obligations, whether explicit or implied, written or oral; and to process justifiable claims without hesitation or delay.

Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario

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NIADA National Independent Automobile Dealers Association

Board of Directors

Steve Peck - President
Jillran Holdings. Ltd., Thornhill

Doug Callowhill - Chairman of the Board
Redline Car Sales Inc., Hamilton

Verne Cole - 2nd Vice-President 
Collectible Auto Sales, Burlington

Greg Hannah - Director
Greg Hannah Holdings Ltd., Cobourg

Bart Hartwick - Director
Courtesy Auto Sales Inc., St. Catharines

Larry Wright - Director
Wright Auto Sales Inc., Waterloo 

Mark Campbell - Director
Autopark Superstore Inc., Barrie

Scott Davidson - Director
Stop 23 Auto Sales Ltd., Listowel

Nasser Rad - Director
Autorama 2000 Inc., Toronto

Warren Barnard - Executive Director

Accessibility Plan.pdf UCDA Mission
to enhance the image of the used vehicle industry
Privacy Policy.pdf
Representation Education Mediation
are the three pillars on which the association has been built.