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The Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario

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Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario   
Started by two highly qualified lawyers, UCDA offers a free informal mediation facility to consumers and to dealers. 

It was begun to provide a means by which friction between a consumer and a dealer could be dealt with quickly and without cost to either. The goal of such a programme is to head off potential court proceedings by trying to get each party to understand their respective rights and responsibilities. 

The mediation programme is not restricted to issues dealing with UCDA members. Any consumer complaint, involving a used vehicle transaction, is accepted. Often, dealers who were not members at the time of the mediation have joined the association afterwards. They became aware that they could be more effective business people if they were more familiar with their rights and responsibilities. 

The UCDA has also dealt with a number of cases in which consumers had, unfortunately, purchased a vehicle from a curbsider. We have been able to successfully intervene in many of them. 

Most mediation is done by telephone and, more often than not, the issue is settled amicably and in hours or days. Often, the problem is simply a lack of communication. 

The verbal format was chosen because its fast and many consumers are much better able to communicate their concerns verbally. It is also less intimidating to them. 

The UCDA makes no charge for the service and referrals are regularly received from Automobile Clubs, newspaper ombudsmen and even the Consumer Ministry. 

The UCDA's motivation, to participate in the mediation process, emanates from the Associations mission statement... to enhance the image of the used vehicle industry! 

Accessibility Plan.pdf UCDA Mission
to enhance the image of the used vehicle industry
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Representation Education Mediation
are the three pillars on which the association has been built.