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The Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario

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Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario   

Dealer Authorization Letters

In order to transfer vehicles into or out of a dealer’s name, the dealer must provide any Service Ontario licence offices they use with a Dealer Authorization Letter (“DAL”), naming the individuals authorized to transfer vehicles on behalf of the dealer.

A DAL is not needed for a sole proprietor owner to transfer his or her own vehicles. Sole proprietors need only show a signed OMVIC dealer pocket certificate and photo ID, but if someone other than the owner is authorized to transfer vehicles, a DAL will be required.

DALs must:

·         Be dated;

·         Include the dealer’s legal name, business name (if different), address, telephone number and

·         dealer number;

·         Name the individuals who are authorized to transfer vehicles on behalf of the dealer;

·         Include the signature and printed name of the sole proprietor, a partner or a signing officer of a corporation.

A signed OMVIC dealer pocket certificate must also be shown when the DAL is submitted as well as the photo ID for each named individual. The Service Ontario office will keep a copy of the certificate, ID and the original DAL on file.

Over time, the DAL can be amended to add or remove individuals. Each time the dealer’s licence is renewed, a new signed pocket certificate should be brought to the Service Ontario office.

Authorized dealer representatives requesting vehicle transfers must provide photo identification, such as a driver’s licence, or two other signed pieces of identification, when transferring a vehicle’s registration.

Dealer Authorization Letter