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The Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario

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Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario   
The Reason For Consumer Concern  

Buying a vehicle is the second largest purchase in most peoples' lives, next to buying a house.

When it comes time to buy, there is one question that usually comes up: "Should I buy a new or a used vehicle?" Both have their advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage to buying a new vehicle is the depreciation. Depreciation occurs on all vehicles, but most dramatically in the first few years of the vehicle's life. 

UCDA studies have shown that three to five year old vehicles had already experienced the greatest percentage of their depreciation. In today's harsh economic climate, used vehicles offer consumers the chance to save thousands of dollars. 

There are many ways to find the "right" used vehicle. 


Buying a Vehicle Privately - Buying a Vehicle from a Dealer  

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